Living your truth is living a fulfilled life. What is fulfillment to you? What are the things that are going to have you looking back on your life, when you are transitioning to a new way of being through death; with love, joy and gratitude feeling that you lived and experienced your life fully?


Were you the person who you wanted to be? Did you do the things to experience your life dreams and desires and what was most important to you? Did you experience what you wanted feeling love, joy and gratitude?

Feeling fulfilled is feeling and experiencing the positive feelings; love, joy, gratitude, happiness, abundance, peace and serenity. Who you choose to be and what you choose to do will give you those feelings. You will need to know what it is that gives you those feelings, what it is that is fulfilling to you.

What is fulfilling to you?

Live Your Truth!

open to your dreams and desires

Reading books is an activity that I enjoy and is important to me. Reading has been many things for me; an escape, adventure, wonder and curiosity, knowledge and growth.

Through my reading and my thoughts, I began asking myself questions that opened me to my dreams and desires. Becoming aware of what was most important to me and the way I was living.

Being aware of what I wanted I started living my truth, creating the life that I wanted to live; being who I wanted to be, doing what I wanted to do and experiencing what I wanted to experience.

Are you open to your dreams and desires? What activities get you thinking about your dreams and desires?

Live Your Truth!



What are you imagining? Do you visualize yourself being who you want to be? Doing what you want to do? Living how you want to live? What does it feel like when you accomplish your dreams and desires? What’s your next desire?

“Everything that you want to create is already there. Your job is to connect yourself to it.“ ~Wayne Dyer

My imagination creates my reality.

I imagine what I want, the best of my dreams and desires. And I allow my imagination to grow and expand my ideas and what I want.

What is your reality? What are you imagining?

Live Your Truth!


When my energy is good, my day is good!

I don’t always know the source of positive high energy, but I love it!

I am creating what I want. I am visualizing and connecting to what I want emotionally. Connecting to my intention to create the life that I want to live.


When I am doing my positive routines, I am more often in the good positive energy.

I enjoy:

  • imagining
  • gratitude
  • exercise/movement
  • reading
  • meditating
  • affirmations
  • vision board
  • thinking
  • nature

I enjoy these activities and they help me to connect to my inner being and what is most important to me.

What do you enjoy that helps you to connect to your inner being and what is most important to you? What gives you positive high energy?

Live Your Truth!

React or Respond?

Life challenges. Growth. Awareness and gratitude.


Challenges are not just opportunities for growth, they are growth. You grow with all of your experiences, being aware of the experiences and open to growth expands the opportunity for bigger growth.

Challenges also open you to new awareness. What are you choosing in your life. How are you reacting to life?

You choose how you will respond to challenges. Even when I get upset or get defensive, I get to choose my attitude and I can respond instead of react. I can choose to let go the upset and defensiveness and look at the solutions and moving forward positively.

It is your choice if you react or respond, and I am happy to remember that.

There is no need for me to judge or criticize. I choose to do my best for what’s most important to me.

Are you react or respond? Choose to respond. Choose to move forward positively!

Live Your Truth!

what are you blocking?

“What am I blocking?” that is a question I’ve recently asked myself. And I am so happy and grateful I did.


There is stuff in my life that I was blocking and now that I became aware of those things and am making the positive choice for what I want, I feel so much more free!

I was feeling overwhelmed with all that I was trying to do, I was feeling doubtful about being able to do what I wanted to do. I was feeling really down and unhappy with life.

Realizing that I was scared of taking the next step to what I really want, taking the leap of faith, being responsible for all that I want, I was able to think clearly and make the positive decisions for what I really want.

The decisions I had been making were based on fear. The decisions that I am making are based on what I want and what is most important to me. In realizing what I was making my decisions on, I was able to realize that those points/facts/thoughts had no actual truth in them and they were just my old paradigm trying to hold me back.

What are you blocking? Do the points/facts/thoughts that you are making your decisions on, hold any truth for you? Choose the positive choices to do what you really want and what is most important to you!

Live Your Truth!

Life Goals, Life Desires

Life goals, desires –  are the goals in your life that make you feel that your life is a success, that you are living your life fully.

Are you living a fulfilled life? Are you being who you want to be? Are you doing what you want to do? Are you experiencing what you want to experience?

When you know what you want, your life goals, then creating a happy and fulfilled life follows. Living with an awareness of what you want to experience guides you to make choices that lead you to living your life goals and desires.

Your life goals and desires are what is most meaningful to you. What do you most enjoy? What brings you joy and happiness? What do you dream of doing, being?

Your life goals fulfill your dreams and desires. We do not have dreams and desires just for dreaming. We have dreams and desires to guide us into living fulfilled lives.

vision board 2

Answer these questions with as much detail as you can. Answering these questions helps you clarify your life goals, your life desires.

  • What would you like to experience?
  • What are you passionate about? What energizes and excites you? What motivates you?
  • What activities do you most enjoy and find most fulfilling in your personal life? In your professional life?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • What do you want to do?
  • How do you want to live?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • How do you want other people to feel?
  • What are you most happy doing?

Your answers will guide you to creating and clarifying your life goals, your life desires. What are 3-5 goals, desires that you would like to accomplish or experience that would make you feel your life was a success?

Live Your Truth!

what do you want?

I’ve been thinking about what I want, about what’s most important to me. Choosing to think about what I want creates positive energy in my day.

Being grateful, finding gratitude in all that is creates positive energy in my day.

Creating the image of what I want and visualizing all that I want, becoming attached to it emotionally create positive energy in my day.

To create positive living every day and most every moment, and to create a burning desire for my passion that I am growing and expanding in my passion and purpose and that I am living and experiencing life fully. I am living my truth.

Are you grateful? Are you creating the image of what you want?


Awareness of who I am and what I want. Who I want to be. What I want to do. What I want to experience. Creating the life I want to live. Creating the burning desire to Be, to Do, and to Experience!

Living in trust! That is want I want. Gratitude, present moment, act as if, do my best at what I can, do what’s most important to me. Choosing positive. Saying ‘no’ to say ‘yes’ to what I want. Living in trust.

Do you know who you are? Do you know who you want to be? Do you know what you want to do? Do you know what you want to experience?

Building, creating the image and desire for what I want. Visualize and imagine all that I want. Feel what I will feel living what I want. Live in trust.

Taking risks that I might fail. Knowing that I will fail. Knowing failures are part of growth. Trusting failures and being grateful for the experiences. Failure experiences and success experiences. Growth experiences and fulfillment experiences.

Loving myself enough to live life fully! Loving those most important to me that they live life fully! Live in trust!

Are you taking risks? Are you loving yourself enough that you life your life goals, your life dreams? Are you loving yourself enough that you are living a fulfilled life?

Live Your Truth!

accept what is

it is what is is and i’ll do my best and let go the rest.

you do not need to be emotionally attached to the outcome of anything. you can accept that it is not what you want it to be. as soon as you accept that, the negativity and lack and overwhelm drift away.

you still have your wants, wanting more, wanting it to be better than it is, but you do not have the worry and fret, and you don’t have to try to do it all.

for the things that i want, i can do what i can to create them, and, let go the rest. trust that what is, is supposed to be. trust that this moment will lead to the next moment. that each moment is what it is supposed to be and that you will grow and expand and what you want will be.

some of your wants will be exactly what you want, some of your wants you will let go completely because you no longer want it, and some of your wants will be much more and better than you ever imagined they would and could be.

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.” ~Eckhart Tolle

what can you accept today? accept what is, trust that this moment will lead into the next moment exactly as it should.

accepting what is, you let go the negative feelings and allow for the positive feelings. what in this experience can you be grateful for? what is it that you want?

find the gratitude that is in the moment, there is always something when you are willing to look and find it.

imagine and visualize what it is that you want and begin to attract the into your life.

let go, and allow the positive to flow back to you!

live your truth!

enjoy the journey

do you wake with energy, excitement and enthusiasm for a new day to experience and create your life journey?

do you go to sleep feeling fulfilled with love, gratitude and joy for a day well lived?

enjoy the moments of your life!

enjoy the challenges that give you growth and expansion!

enjoy the ups and downs!

all experiences are a part of the whole and good!

gratitude, awareness and choice. you can choose to find gratitude in all of life’s moments, the up moments and the down moments, there is something to be grateful for.


you can choose to be aware and choose positive, choose a positive attitude and choose what is most important to you (sometimes this means saying ‘no’ so that you can say ‘yes’ to what’s most important).

what are you grateful for today? who are you grateful for today? write down what your are grateful for. tell the people you are grateful for their being in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

live your truth!