what do you like?

i like

  • sunshine and nature
  • coffee in the morning, wine in the evening
  • pleasure and sex
  • connecting to those most important to me
  • books and reading
  • intimate conversations with big questions
  • writing and journaling
  • being active, especially kayaking
  • quiet time to myself
  • personal growth


what do you like?

when do you enjoy what you like currently in your life?

where can you add doing more of what you like into your life?

what will doing more of what you like feel like to you?

what will doing more of what you like mean to you?

do more of what you like.

live your truth!

authentic self

are you being your true authentic self? are you being who you want to be? are you doing what you want to do? are you experiencing what you want to experience?


when you feel your feelings do you allow yourself to become aware of the feeling and experience it fully?

do you allow the energy to flow to you and through you? do you express your energy in movement and words?

what can you do to be your true authentic self?

live your truth!



Are you being your true authentic self?

So often we hide behind masks to fit in and be accepted. We wear masks because we are scared to let people see us for who we are. Scared people will judge us, scared people won’t like us. We wear masks that hide us from being our true authentic self.


What masks do you wear?

  • everything’s perfect
  • athlete
  • bully
  • buying more than needed
  • shyness
  • life of the party
  • control

What would happen if you took your masks off? What freedom would you enjoy taking off your masks? What mask will you take off today? Who will you share your true authentic self with?

Live freely being your true authentic self. There is no one better than you!

Live Your Truth!