a moment

one of those moments. a moment of overwhelm, not knowing what to do. not knowing where to start, not knowing where to end.

a moment of helplessness. a moment of being lost, not knowing what is down, not knowing what is up. sinking, deeper and deeper into the unknown.

letting it cocoon. letting it surround and block out the light.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

another moment. a new moment. a new beginning.

breathe. awareness.

opening. growth. expansion.






what is your moment now? what do you choose your moment to be?

one of those moments. a moment of awareness. a moment of connection. a moment for you, being present, doing and experiencing.

a moment of connection to your inner being. a moment of certainty, a moment of faith, a moment of trust.

live your truth!

to do

I am overwhelming myself with all that I want to do and with all that I think I have to do.

It is time for me to take a moment and prioritize, to refocus.

  • What is most important to me?
  • What can I let go?
  • Will doing this empower me?
  • Will doing this empower others?
  • How will doing this make me feel?
  • What do I truly want?
  • What can I leverage?
  • What can I change?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • What do I want to do?
  • What do I want to experience?

These questions help me to refocus my energy on what is most important to me. There are “busy work” things that I do need to do for living my life, but when I have thought about my priorities and connected to what’s most important to me I shift to doing with a sense of urgency.


I am able to let go the overwhelm and anxiousness I was feeling and allow the desire and positive energy feelings into my doing. I feel happy and grateful for all that I have that creates my to do list.

With this shift I am able to do more, to accomplish more, my energy isn’t wasted on worrying and doubt.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you worrying, feeling anxious or doubt? Are you feeling positive focused energy? Are you happy and grateful?

If you need a shift, ask yourself: What’s most important to me? Am I being empowered? What can I play with and change? What do I want to experience?

Live Your Truth!

what are you blocking?

“What am I blocking?” that is a question I’ve recently asked myself. And I am so happy and grateful I did.


There is stuff in my life that I was blocking and now that I became aware of those things and am making the positive choice for what I want, I feel so much more free!

I was feeling overwhelmed with all that I was trying to do, I was feeling doubtful about being able to do what I wanted to do. I was feeling really down and unhappy with life.

Realizing that I was scared of taking the next step to what I really want, taking the leap of faith, being responsible for all that I want, I was able to think clearly and make the positive decisions for what I really want.

The decisions I had been making were based on fear. The decisions that I am making are based on what I want and what is most important to me. In realizing what I was making my decisions on, I was able to realize that those points/facts/thoughts had no actual truth in them and they were just my old paradigm trying to hold me back.

What are you blocking? Do the points/facts/thoughts that you are making your decisions on, hold any truth for you? Choose the positive choices to do what you really want and what is most important to you!

Live Your Truth!

Overwhelmed? Stressed?

Are you tossing and turning, not getting the sleep you need at night? Are you impatient and crabby with the people close to you? Are you wondering “How am I going to make it through the Holiday Season?”

Feeling overwhelm and stress is the effect of not being in the present moment. Feeling overwhelm and stress is the effect of looking at the WHOLE picture instead of one piece or one area at a time. Feeling overwhelm and stress is the effect of over planning your time.

It is so easy to not be in the present moment. We try to cram doing many things in a time that is insufficient or try doing many things all at one time. When we over plan our days, our time, we easily get distracted by looking at the whole picture rather than looking at each of the pieces in turn.

This week I overwhelmed myself by over planning my days. I had my to-do list, with too many tasks and activities to possibly get done in one day. I want it all, I wrote it all on my list, and I got overwhelmed trying to actually do it all.

I got crabby, impatient, demanding, I wanted things done my way. I wanted things done right NOW, and I got irritable.

Do you ever feel that way?

You can be in present moment awareness. You can feel happy, dynamic and capable!

One. – Breathe – take a deep breathe, take another deep breathe. Feel your chest expand and loosen, feel your body relax. Take a deep breathe.

Two. – Think about what it is that you really want. Think about what is important to you. Is it the same as what you are trying to do or trying to be?

Three. – Let go what you need to let go, and allow what you need to allow.

I needed to let go of my expectations of time for those around me and allow them to be in the moment how they wanted to. I needed to let go of my wanting everything all at once, and allow myself to feel gratitude for all that is.

What can you let go off today to release overwhelm and stress?

What can you allow today to feel happy, dynamic and capable?

Live Your Truth!