when do you know it’s time for change in your life?

are you aware it’s time for a change?

or are you ignoring it? keeping yourself busy and allowing distractions into your life.


are you taking the risk needed to change and grow? are you being true to yourself and doing what’s most important to you? are you creating the life that you want to live?

or are you living to please others instead of yourself and conforming to what others are expecting from you?

do you have a challenge in your life right now? how is it making you feel? how do you want to feel? what can you do to feel that way now?

take the risk! change is growth, and it’s time to grow!

live your truth!

you are – I am

it’s amazing how much you can learn about yourself when you’re thinking about someone else qualities and characteristics. what quirks that they have, what their natural behaviors are. what habits they have.

i have studied a person because there is a quality that they have, and I want to grow and expand the same quality in myself. what else are they doing in the same moment they are displaying the quality? are they responding to someone or a situation? what energy are they sending out?

i have also seen qualities in people that i don’t like. sometimes those qualities and behaviors jump out at you in a situation and can’t get it out of your mind. these are qualities to study and learn from too. ask yourself the same questions, and then follow up asking the same questions about you and the quality or behavior you don’t like.

so many times the irritating qualities that i have seen in others are irritating to me because it is a characteristic of myself that I don’t like and want to change or eliminate. it can be easier to identify negative characteristics in others before being able to identify them in our own self.


studying people with qualities and characteristics we like, we learn what we can do to expand and grow. learning about the qualities and characteristics we don’t like, we learn to identify what we can do to change those same qualities and characteristics in ourselves to a positive quality or characteristic.

studying positive qualities and characteristics and growing and expanding a positive quality we be who we want to be. learning about a negative quality or characteristic and changing what we don’t like in our behaviors allows us to grow and expand to be who we want to be.

what quality or characteristic do you want to change or eliminate?

what quality or characteristic do you want to grow and expand?

live your truth!



What’s Most Important to You?

What is most important to you?

Family, being outside, enjoying your hobby, health, exercise and nutrition, wealth, abundance, freedom, giving, making a difference?

Why is what you chose most important to you? What do you want to feel having and/or enjoying what is most important to you?

Are you experiencing what is most important to you?



I have been asking myself these questions as I feel change coming towards me in my life. I don’t know what or how the change is going to be, how big a change it will be, but I feel it. There are things that I am unsatisfied with, and for me to continue living my truth, I need to be sure that I am doing what is most important to me.

We are growing and changing all the time, every day, every moment. Are you allowing the flow of growth and change, or are you fighting and blocking it? I ask myself this, when I ask myself, “Am I doing what’s most important to me?”

I’m doing a lot of what’s important to me, I am enjoying many pieces of my life, but there is more for me to enjoy. There is more that I want to do, more that I want to be, and more that I want to experience so that I am doing what is most important to me now.

And so I ask myself, “What can I do to enjoy what is most important to me?” And, “Who can I be so that I am doing what is most important to me?”

“We are always becoming, we are always creating. Today I am more than I was yesterday, tomorrow I am more than I am today.”

What can you do to enjoy what is most important to you?

Who can you be to do what is most important to you?

Live Your Truth!

Question Change

I’ve been receiving a message in various ways; a quote, an audio, a reading. The message – change yourself in order to reach your goals, your dreams and desires.

The idea, thought, has been on my mind. And I’ve been thinking and wondering.


What have I changed?

Am I living my truth? Am I living to become the best me? What is most important to me? And, what do I want?

Am I putting what is most important to me NOW and my most important wants first? Is my NOW moment aligned with my most important dreams and desires?

Am I being grateful? Am I being positive?

I’m asking the questions. Am I going deep inside and answering the questions?

It is harder to go deep and connect to my inner being during challenging times. I need to have more faith and trust in myself and the Universe. It can be so hard to let go and allow.

To allow, to make, to do – change. And to grow.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer

What can I do? What change can I make to create the life that I dream of living?

What change can you make to create the life that you dream of living?

Live Your Truth!