wandering thoughts

interesting how thoughts can change so much and be so different. thoughts being felt and connected to. thoughts being wanted and desired. and these feeling and thoughts will be the complete opposites of previous thoughts. what is it that causes such different thoughts, feelings and wants?

is it a difference of thinking with mind or thinking with heart? is it a difference of energy felt and had in each experience? is it a difference of how present i am in each moment of these feelings and these thoughts?

what is it to live in the present moment? to live in the now moment?


is being in the present moment letting go of all thoughts? our minds wander so much in a day; thinking, analyzing, worrying and dreaming. what should we let go? what should we allow?

i want to be fully present in the moment, or thinking positively about what i want and what’s most important to me. i want to be connected to what’s most important to me and experiencing what bring me joy and love. i want to grow and expand with my dreams and desires. what part of this is being in the present moment?

i don’t think i can answer the question, the moment has changed. each moment is different, each experience is different. with each new moment and each new experience our thoughts will change and grow.

when i don’t like a thought i will choose to focus on the now moment. when i don’t like a thought i will choose to think positive about what i want and connect to that feeling. i will choose to make the positive feeling my now moment.

my wandering mind. where will it wander to in the next moment?

live your truth!


we are all connected. we are connected to the universe, the whole. we are connected to our inner being, our higher power, our spirit. we are connected to nature. we are connected to all that is.

what do you feel connected to?

do you feel connected to the universe? to all that is?

do you feel connected to your inner being? your higher self? your spirit?

do you feel connected to nature?

do you feel connected to others?


what do you do to connect?

out in nature i feel connected to the whole, to the universe, to all that is.

through journaling and meditation i am able to feel connected to my inner being, my higher self, my spirit. quieting my mind i am able to connect to my inner being.

when i’m connected i feel positive high energy. i feel abundance. i feel love, i feel joy. i feel energy enthusiasm and excitement. i feel gratitude. i feel love flowing through me and to me.

how do you feel when connected to your inner being? how do you feel when connected to nature? how do you feel when connected to the universe, to all that is?

live your truth!



who are you connected to? what are you connected to?

I like to be connected to myself. I like to be connected to my inner being, and being connected to my inner wisdom. I like to be aware of what I want and what is most important to me.

I like to be connected to those I love and are most important to me. I like to share and experience life with them. I like to enjoy deep rich conversations and new experiences with those I love.


I like to be connected to nature. I like to feel the flow of the water, I like to feel Earth’s energy flow up through me from the ground. I like to enjoy the awe and wonder of all the beauty that nature is.

I like to be connected to the Universe God. I like to be connected to all that is. I like to feel love, joy, gratitude, abundance and freedom!

I like to be connected to others. I like to learn, grow and expand from others. I like to empower and encourage others to live their truth. I like to be curious and connect with many unique people and see their authentic beauty in their being and doing.

what are you connected to in this moment? who are you connected to in this moment?

live your truth!

Let Go and Allow

How do I let go and let God the Universe lead my life?



What I’m doing doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m growing, I’m definitely more than I was, and I’m very grateful. But – I feel that there’s so much more for me and I’m stuck, going in circles.

I need to live my truth more fully, more truly, go deeper! And I don’t know how to do that.

Maybe it’s not about doing – but about being. Let my being guide my doing!

Have I been doing that or not? Is that aligned with my inner being? connected with my higher self? connected with God the Universe?

Let my being guide my doing!

Are you doing or being?

Live Your Truth!

Challenges and Gratitude

My challenge right now is to be positive, there is so much that I want, and I’m feeling that there isn’t enough time to do it. Not enough time to do the things I think I need to do or should be doing for all that I want.

It is a challenge to stay present and focused on what is most important to me. I want to be happy, present and connected. I don’t want to feel rushed and thinking about what else I need to be doing or what I need to do next.


I want to be focused on what is most important to me and connected to my higher being.


I’m not feeling grateful in these moments. I’m not connected to what my vision is.

When I take a moment to connect with what I really want, I am able to feel gratitude. Being aware of what I want helps me to become aware of where I was, where I want to go and where I am.

I become present to the moment. I am able to focus on what is important in that moment. And I am always grateful for where I am and knowing that I am continually growing.

Live Your Truth!


Follow Your Intuition

Do you follow your intuition? your inner being? Do you follow your gut instinct?

When you feel a nudging to do something, to take action, do you trust it and begin immediately?

Do you question if you are hearing your intuition, your inner being correctly? Do you worry that it would be a risk to follow your intuition? Do you worry that you will fail in doing what you feel pulled to do?

Take a deep breath and let all the doubt and worry go with your exhale.

“By banishing doubt and trusting your intuitive feelings, you clear a space for the power of intention to flow through.” ~Wayne Dyer

Trust your intuition and allow it to guide you!

The Universe is talking to you, showing you, guiding you. Trust in it, trust in yourself, and allow the experience of living a connected and fulfilling life.

“Trust yourself, then you will know how to live.” ~Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe

Live Your Truth!

Are you fulfilled?

Are you living a fulfilled life? Are you enjoying your life journey?

Most days I am aware that I am living the life that I am creating.

Other days, I get lost in the ‘what do I have to do next’, ‘and after that I have to…’. I become unaware of the present moment and get distracted by the seemingly ‘ALL’ that is calling, pulling, fighting for my attention.

I don’t like that feeling, it doesn’t feel good in my mind, in my heart or in my body. I feel overwhelmed and begin to feel the stress in my body.

As soon as I notice those negative feelings I focus on positive feelings and what I am grateful for. I focus on being in the present moment.

I don’t forget about what I have to do next, but I don’t allow for the ‘what do I have to do next’ to distract me. I focus my attention on what I am doing in the present moment.

When I focus my attention on the present moment I am free and able to enjoy what I’m doing. I am able to connect with what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

If I’m spending time with my kids, preparing a meal, doing creative work, reading, preparing for a workshop, studying, cleaning, shopping, exercising, meditating, helping with homework, driving around like a taxi driver, working, in a meeting, folding laundry, paying bills, shoveling snow… whatever it is that I am doing, if I am fully present I am connected with what it is that I want.

Connecting with what I want is enjoying my life journey. Knowing what I want and taking action to do what I want is living a fulfilled life.

Do you know what you want? Do you know who you want to be? Do you know what you want to do? Do you know what you want to experience?

Take a moment to reflect on what YOU want; write it down, create a vision board, or journal about it. Be in present moment awareness and create your life journey. Enjoy living a fulfilled life.

Live Your Truth!


Relax, Rejuvenate, Refresh

Are you taking time for yourself? Relaxing activities and activities that rejuvenate you?

I know you are busy. I know you have a list, either written down or in your mind, of things that need to get done, should get done and could get done. I have a list, and if that’s all that is on my mind – I get overwhelmed and my energy drops.

I’ve learned that the most important items on my list are the things that I do to take care of myself, to connect with myself and to rejuvenate myself.

Do you have activities on your list that allow you to connect with yourself, rejuvenate yourself or that are giving you the attention to take care of yourself?

There’s a wide range of activities that you can do – what makes you smile? What gives you a relaxed peaceful feeling? What restores your positive energy?

  • A brisk walk
  • Reading
  • Watching a movie
  • A workout
  • A soak in the tub
  • A sports game
  • A puzzle
  • Meditating
  • Yoga
  • A personal growth activity
  • Reading a motivating book
  • Journaling
  • Creating
  • Painting
  • Cuddling
  • A snowball fight
  • Walking on a beach
  • Climbing a tree
  • Taking a nap

Find something you love and/or refreshes you, add it to your list and do it today!

Live Your Truth!

Good or Should?

Do I do what’s good for me – or what I should do? Will my day flow smoothly when I choose to do what’s good for me? Will I feel guilty about doing what’s good for my body and health rather than what I judge I should be doing?

I have chosen my health, am I feeling an old paradigm – feeling uncertainty as I change and transform to a new paradigm that fits me better now?

I am not as positive and as present as I could be when doing some activities. I make a decision to do a certain activity instead of another activity I judge I could do or should do, and I wonder and worry when I will be able to do the other activity(s). I’m not fully committed to my decision.

I do the justification in my mind – weighing the two choices between each other. Thinking about priorities and the balance of all areas and activities for my life.

I want to decide, then do the activity. I want to let go the other activity(s) until it’s that activities time. I will let go and allow myself to be present and to be positive.

Time to experiment and experience life…

Choosing to do an activity for my health and body and having other priorities for the day to balance created in me a sense of urgency. My focus was good and I was more connected to my inner being. I was productive before enjoying the healthy activity and after doing the healthy activity. My day flowed smoothly.

I am very good at over planning my days –today I accomplished the majority of what I have on my list – with a sense that what I don’t get done I’ll have a good start on, and that I’ll accomplish the last couple of items with no busy-overwhelm feelings.

Choosing what was good for me was very good! It was easy for me to go with the flow and to stay focused getting a lot done. I enjoy feeling and being connected to my inner being – listening and being guided by my intuition.

I will choose what I want to do by what feels good and positive to me!

Are you choosing what feels good to you? Or are you choosing what you judge you should do?

Live Your Truth!

Time Gets Away

Time gets away from me. Does it get away from you? I get a to-do list that seems to be a mile long, I add more to the list than I cross off the list.

I get overwhelmed thinking about all I want to do, thinking about all I should do and thinking about all that I could do. I feel negative wanting, the lack of what I want to have and experience. I get overwhelmed and worried in the day, and doubting my goals and visions.

I think one step, two steps and ten steps ahead. I plan my day, trying to control every hour and minute from the time that I wake up in the morning and at night judge myself for all that I did not get done. I am not in the present moment.

Do you ever feel this way?

To get in the present moment and feeling positive wanting, belief and gratitude for your goals and visions:

  • Take a deep calming breath with your eyes closed. Center yourself, connect to yourself, or quiet your mind for a moment.
  • Prioritize what is most important to you in this day. Say ‘no’ to what you can to say ‘yes’ to what you want. Cross off activities that do not align with your values, goals and visions. Ask for help for the activities that you can.
  • Make yourself a priority so that you are in a state of wellbeing and can do all that you want to do. Take time for rest and rejuvenation. Take time for physical activity and mental/intellectual activities. Taking five minutes for yourself to quiet your mind or do something that you enjoy is rejuvenating. Taking time for physical activity releases stress. Taking time for yourself increases your positive energy and allows you to do what you want.
  • Celebrate and be grateful for all that you have done and accomplished.

Choose to be present in the moment. You can be aware of what you want to do in the day, being aware of what your next priority/activity is and be focused on your current activity with positive wanting, belief and gratitude. Be Present!

Live Your Truth!