do and learn

i have a stack of books that i want to read, and a list of books that i want to purchase.

there are many things that i want to do.

there are many things that i want to experience.

there are many places that i want to go, explore and see the wonders of nature.

gray bridge and trees

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i love to learn, to grow and experience new things.

what do you want to learn?

what new activity do you want to try?

where do you want to go?

what do you want to explore?

learn or do something new today.

live your truth!


life ripples

there are things that i want that confuse me. they are separate things, but related and part of my whole being. I go back and forth, and up and down in my thoughts. being influenced from all the pieces of me, the pieces of each of my life areas.

the things that i want effect each other. the things that i want are constantly changing with my experiences and thoughts.

imagine a smooth lake and it begins to rain. all the droplets are one small piece of you from an area of your life. the droplet ripples out and expands, touching and joining with all the other droplets ripples becoming one. effecting and changing each other, becoming whole as new droplets continue falling and adding new experiences.

water wave circle drop of water

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what are you confused about? what are you going back and forth, and up and down with your thoughts about? are you aware of your thoughts and how they are changing your wants?

what is the whole being that the small pieces of you are creating? how are you growing and expanding with your life experiences and thoughts?

live your truth!


act as if

I have so much that I want to be and do.

I am happy and grateful for who I am now, what I’m doing now and what I’m experiencing and have experienced. it is fulfilling when I take a moment to reflect on where I was and where I am now.

however… I have so much more that I want to¬† be, do and experience!

we are continually growing in an upward spiraling growth. growing and expanding.

you grow, you create new expanded goals and visions, you grow more. you expand. you become! who you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to experience, and how you want to live!


to become, to do, to experience – act as if!

not pretending to be someone you are not or doing what you can’t.

choose to be who you want to be. make decisions and take action to grow and be the new expanded version of yourself.

choose to do what you want to do. choose to experience what you want to experience. act as if you are that person.

live your truth!