do you trust you?


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do you trust yourself?

do you trust yourself to create the life that you want?

do you trust yourself to make choices that put you first?

do you trust yourself and let go to being who you want to be?

do you trust yourself and let go to doing what you want to do?

do you trust yourself and let go to experiencing what you want to experience?


let go of something and trust yourself a little more today!

live your truth!

letting go

i love summer and seeing the trees full of their leaves. i like to watch the leaves shining, shimmering as they dance and reflect the sun. i too love the pieces of me, dancing and moving together reflecting the different pieces of me and who i am.

i am not always happy to see the leaves falling, and i resist the thought of summer and fall passing into winter. what am i resisting in my life? what pieces of me am i holding onto that i need to let go to allow for growth?

why do i resist? the trees don’t resist the letting go of their leaves. it is nature. it is natural. it is intended for growth to let go and allow for change.



what do i need to let go? the change of seasons indicates that letting go for being and new growth is needed. i need change for my being and growth too.

it’s not easy to let go some pieces of you, even the pieces you don’t want, they are connected to you, a part of you. i have experienced, letting go allows for growth.

and so i do so again. this time, not so graciously, i put up a fight. i kicked and screamed. i allowed myself to do the kicking and the screaming, i allowed all that energy to flow through me. and when i was done, i let it go.

i let it leave me, i decided that i could feel it and that i didn’t have to hold onto it.

right away i felt lighter. right away i felt freer. right away i felt new positive energy coming in to create and grow in the direction that i want to go.

i was being truer to myself and allowing more of me to be who i want to be, allowing more of me to do what i want to do, and allowing more of me to experience what i want to experience.

it’s interesting to me that as the trees have lost their leaves, i too have lost some pieces of me. i let go what needed to be let go to allow for my being and growth. i let go what i needed to let go to live my truth.

what change do you want? what do you need to let go?

live your truth!


i am ready to let go and say hello to change. and that scares me!

trust the universe! trust myself!

i know that what i vision for me is. trust it! grow it!

allow the abundance of the universe to create the life that i want to live and enjoy.


trust. believe. imagine. create. love. let go. allow. trust!

be! do! experience! live!

what do you need to let go of? what change do you want to say hello to?

Live your truth!

accept what is

it is what is is and i’ll do my best and let go the rest.

you do not need to be emotionally attached to the outcome of anything. you can accept that it is not what you want it to be. as soon as you accept that, the negativity and lack and overwhelm drift away.

you still have your wants, wanting more, wanting it to be better than it is, but you do not have the worry and fret, and you don’t have to try to do it all.

for the things that i want, i can do what i can to create them, and, let go the rest. trust that what is, is supposed to be. trust that this moment will lead to the next moment. that each moment is what it is supposed to be and that you will grow and expand and what you want will be.

some of your wants will be exactly what you want, some of your wants you will let go completely because you no longer want it, and some of your wants will be much more and better than you ever imagined they would and could be.

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.” ~Eckhart Tolle

what can you accept today? accept what is, trust that this moment will lead into the next moment exactly as it should.

accepting what is, you let go the negative feelings and allow for the positive feelings. what in this experience can you be grateful for? what is it that you want?

find the gratitude that is in the moment, there is always something when you are willing to look and find it.

imagine and visualize what it is that you want and begin to attract the into your life.

let go, and allow the positive to flow back to you!

live your truth!

let go control

I choose to live in present moment awareness and do what is most important. When I choose to live in present moment awareness and do what is most important it creates a serene day with a sense of urgency which is calm and collected, a focused way of living and experiencing the day.

When I am trying to control and do do do, that creates overwhelm.

I can’t control anything but my feelings and choices. I can be aware of what I am choosing and choose to feel positive.


Letting go control and doing my best, allowing the moment and trusting God, the Universe, is how I want to live. There is so much that I want to do and want to prioritize. I need to be aware that I am not super mom or super woman and I can’t do it all and have it all right now. (still, I really really want it – but I know that the growth and journey to achieving all that I want is so much more!)

So I choose to be and do what is most important in the now moment and living in present moment awareness. I choose to do my best at what is most important at the time. I choose to trust the Universe is creating all that I want.

I can let go and be patient. I can live in faith and trust.

I enjoy the journey in the preset moment.

What control can you let go? What is most important to you in your present moment awareness?

Live Your Truth!

Let go the How

One of the more challenging things in this thing called life is letting go the how. I want more money, “How am I going to get more money?” I want more time, “How can I squeeze more time for me from my day?” How can I squeeze more time for my family, for pursuing my dream, for exercise, for being out in nature?

Thinking about the how can be overwhelming and other negative emotions. Worry, doubt, fear, anxiety.

To feel the positive emotions, let go the “how”, and think about what you do want.


Visualize and imagine what you want, feeling how you want to feel when you are enjoying being and doing what you want to do.

As you imagine and visualize what you want, you will clarify what you want. Ideas will come to you for the actions that you can take to achieve what you want.

You will have what you want with little effort, but the effort that you use to imagine and visualize what you truly want and desire.

Imagine! Build the image in your mind.

Live Your Truth!

Let Go and Allow

How do I let go and let God the Universe lead my life?



What I’m doing doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m growing, I’m definitely more than I was, and I’m very grateful. But – I feel that there’s so much more for me and I’m stuck, going in circles.

I need to live my truth more fully, more truly, go deeper! And I don’t know how to do that.

Maybe it’s not about doing – but about being. Let my being guide my doing!

Have I been doing that or not? Is that aligned with my inner being? connected with my higher self? connected with God the Universe?

Let my being guide my doing!

Are you doing or being?

Live Your Truth!

Living Life

Are you living your life? Or is life living you?

I recently had a couple of days of my life living me! Activities from many areas of my life were begging for my attention, I was feeling pulled in all directions at one time, wanting to focus on this area and this area, but oh what about this commitment and this activity, what about time with this person and that person?

We all have days that we live our life, guide our days and create the life we want to live. We all have days that our life is living us. Overwhelm is present, or just lurking around the corner; ready to overtake the day.

Here are some tips for you to LIVE YOUR LIFE rather than life living you.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” ~Vivian Greene

To live your life, guiding your days and creating your life – be aware, let go and be present.

When your life is living you BE AWARE

  • Is the activity related to your goals?
  • Does the activity align with your values?
  • Is the activity a high priority?
  • Can the activity be released because of change, new awareness or growth?

When your life is living you LET GO

  • There are times when we need to let life lead
  • Go with the flow rather than resist what is coming at us
  • It is okay to focus on only one or two areas of your life for a short time
  • Balance happens throughout your life – one moment at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time, one year at a time

When your life is living you BE PRESENT

  • Do not fret about the past
  • Do not worry about the future
  • Focus on the task or activity in front of you now
  • By being present you will accomplish tasks quicker and be able to move to the next task accomplishing more in a day, week and year

Life does happen! Life is good! When we have days when life is living us – we can be aware, we can let go, and we can be present! We can begin living our lives, guiding our days and creating the life we want to live from that moment!

Live Your Truth!