natures energy

nature is an energy that allows me to connect to myself and all that is around me

when i am enjoying nature and surrounding myself in nature i am able to calm and become serene

body of water between green leaf trees

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nature noises, smells and sights invigorate me

i am able to relax

i am able to get fresh and new ideas

i am able to listen to my body, my heart and know what i want and what’s most important to me

i am able to connect to my dreams and desires

i am able to create what i want

i am able to live my truth

natures energy

what does natures energy do for you?

how do you enjoy nature?

live your truth!

sounds of nature

what do you hear around you?

do you hear nature noises?

beach blue horizon motion

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what are your favorite sounds of nature?

  • leaves whispering
  • raindrops plopping
  • loon calls
  • buzzing bumblebees
  • birds twittering
  • ocean waves crashing
  • frogs croaking

do you take time to sit and connect with the sounds of nature?

do you take time to sit and connect with yourself?

quiet your mind, listen, what’s around you?

quiet your mind, listen, what’s inside of you?

live your truth!

nature peace

nature and the outdoors are a natural experience of being in the present, of being at peace


nature revitalizes, energizes

nature frees and awakens

in nature we are in the moment

enjoy the warming sun, blue sky, gray sky, purple sky, green lushness, bird song, a breeze, a muted fog morning, glistening trees of ice cover, brilliant cloudy sky, full bright moon, a tumbling brook of water, crisp autumn air, warm rain drops, splashing through a puddle, rattling dancing leaves, smell the apple blossoms, feel the cool water of the lake on your toes, sit on a rock throne…

close your eyes… and breath…

live your truth!

rejuvenate your energy

i needed some time away. i was being run by this commitment and this activity, responsibility after responsibility seemed to have a hold of my life and i didn’t have time for myself.

everything that i was doing, everything that seemed to have taken over my life are all things that i have chosen, they are (maybe not as much as when i first began) important to me. but, all of them combined overtook my life that i wasn’t living life, life was living me.

my energy was draining and i wasn’t able to give myself what i needed to keep my energy where i needed it to be and where i wanted it to be. i wasn’t doing activities that were for me; my body, mind and spirit. i wasn’t giving what i wanted to give to what i was doing. i needed to give me myself and rejuvenate my energy.

i needed to get away so that i could re-connect to myself. get in touch with what i want, and what’s important to me. and then to sit still and let my mind quiet.

one day. one day to connect to myself, quiet my mind, slow down, and let the sounds of nature rejuvenate my energy. let nature surround me with the flow of life. energy flowing back into my life. excitement and enthusiasm for the life i want to create flowing in my thoughts again.


i love and enjoy as much time as possible to give to myself in this way and many other smaller and bigger ways. it’s amazing what we can give to ourselves and do for our wellbeing in a small amount of time.

we all need to care for and love ourselves. we need to be able to rejuvenate and keep our energy high. when we care for ourselves, we give to ourselves, and we give to others in our lives fully.

how do you give to yourself? what keeps your energy high? how do you rejuvenate?

take time and give to yourself. give to yourself in the small ways and give to yourself in the big ways. if you need to take time away because you have given and taken too much energy from yourself, do that. you will return with energy, excitement and enthusiasm to live and create life, being a part of all that you choose with happiness and gratitude.

rejuvenate your energy!

live your truth!


we are all connected. we are connected to the universe, the whole. we are connected to our inner being, our higher power, our spirit. we are connected to nature. we are connected to all that is.

what do you feel connected to?

do you feel connected to the universe? to all that is?

do you feel connected to your inner being? your higher self? your spirit?

do you feel connected to nature?

do you feel connected to others?


what do you do to connect?

out in nature i feel connected to the whole, to the universe, to all that is.

through journaling and meditation i am able to feel connected to my inner being, my higher self, my spirit. quieting my mind i am able to connect to my inner being.

when i’m connected i feel positive high energy. i feel abundance. i feel love, i feel joy. i feel energy enthusiasm and excitement. i feel gratitude. i feel love flowing through me and to me.

how do you feel when connected to your inner being? how do you feel when connected to nature? how do you feel when connected to the universe, to all that is?

live your truth!



who are you connected to? what are you connected to?

I like to be connected to myself. I like to be connected to my inner being, and being connected to my inner wisdom. I like to be aware of what I want and what is most important to me.

I like to be connected to those I love and are most important to me. I like to share and experience life with them. I like to enjoy deep rich conversations and new experiences with those I love.


I like to be connected to nature. I like to feel the flow of the water, I like to feel Earth’s energy flow up through me from the ground. I like to enjoy the awe and wonder of all the beauty that nature is.

I like to be connected to the Universe God. I like to be connected to all that is. I like to feel love, joy, gratitude, abundance and freedom!

I like to be connected to others. I like to learn, grow and expand from others. I like to empower and encourage others to live their truth. I like to be curious and connect with many unique people and see their authentic beauty in their being and doing.

what are you connected to in this moment? who are you connected to in this moment?

live your truth!


When my energy is good, my day is good!

I don’t always know the source of positive high energy, but I love it!

I am creating what I want. I am visualizing and connecting to what I want emotionally. Connecting to my intention to create the life that I want to live.


When I am doing my positive routines, I am more often in the good positive energy.

I enjoy:

  • imagining
  • gratitude
  • exercise/movement
  • reading
  • meditating
  • affirmations
  • vision board
  • thinking
  • nature

I enjoy these activities and they help me to connect to my inner being and what is most important to me.

What do you enjoy that helps you to connect to your inner being and what is most important to you? What gives you positive high energy?

Live Your Truth!

Going Within

I enjoy sitting quietly and going deep within, connecting with myself and becoming aware. I learn about who I currently am and I receive an awareness of who I want to be. And I grow, I become who I want to BE!

I learn about myself from books that I read, nature and journaling – new ideas and questions are given to me from the Universe. I am able to let go of my daily tasks and routines, I get immersed in the new information, I get lost in nature surrounding me, I freely journal and connect with myself.

When I read a book I am able to let go and immerse myself in the information I am learning and acquire new knowledge. So often while reading a question is given me from the book itself or my own thoughts. I am able to use the question to look within myself and know myself. A new idea to challenge me, a different point of view to look from and consider.

I enjoy nature and being outdoors. When I am able to slip away to explore and be surrounded by nature I do. I experience a feeling of oneness, of wholeness, with the trees, water, animals, stars and Universe. My mind quiets, opens to awareness, my thoughts and ideas come from nature to teach me, to compare life in nature to my life.

I open my journal to write freely my thoughts, ideas, questions, old thoughts I’ve been thinking and new thoughts from the present moment. As I journal, more is open to me, my awareness expands, new ideas and new questions. I write and new ideas, new thoughts and new questions are given to me.

Reading, nature and journaling guide me within myself to experience and enjoy expanded awareness.

What activities allow you to go within and connect with yourself? What activities guide you to learning about yourself? What expands your awareness? Take time for yourself to enjoy one of those activities.

Live Your Truth!