what do you want?

what do you want in each area of your life?

what are you expecting from each area of your life?



do you know? do you have a clear vision of what you want?

are what you want and what you are expecting the same or different?

if what you want and what you are expecting are different, what do you need to change?

  • what do you need to become aware of?
  • where do you need to grow?
  • what do you want?
  • where are you now?
  • is there a step you need to take between?
  • does anybody need to know what you want or what you expect?

tell me, what do you want? what do you expect?

live your truth!

Spiraling Up

Growth and transformation are ever spiraling upwards. The goals that we create for ourselves, the visions we build and imagine for ourselves guide us to take action in becoming who we want to become, in doing what we want to do and in experiencing what we want to experience.


Our vision that we continue to make clear from our dreams and desires determines the goals that we have in our lives. Our goals and visions for our present moment, for the life that we want to live. As we do and be what our goals determine us to do and be we create the life that we want to live. As we live the life that we have imagined, our vision expands and grows. An expanding vision creates new and expanded goals. As we do and be what our new and expanded goals guide us to do and be, we create the new life that we want to live. As we live the new life that we have imagined, our vision expands and grows again, we create more new and expanding goals. We grow continually, ever spiraling upwards.

Vision and Create Your Life

“The only person who succeeds is the person who is progressively realizing a worthy idea.” ~Earl Nightingale

Your worthy ideal is what you define it to be, the vision you have of the person you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to experience, how you want to feel. Your worthy ideal is your visions for living the life of your dreams and desires.


Your worthy ideal is all about you. What is most important to you, what fulfills you, what do you enjoy? Who do you want to be, what do you want to do, what do you want to experience?

Do you have the visions of living your dreams and desires in your mind? Do you imagine how you want to live? Imagination begins the creating of the life that you want to live.

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.” ~Bob Proctor

Life is a journey! It is not the destination that brings growth, peace and happiness, it is your journey and experiences, your values and goals guiding and directing you to achieve your vision, that bring excitement and energy, your happiness and success into your life.

Living your truth is being who you want to be, doing what you want to do and living how you want to live by knowing yourself deeply. Knowing your vision and what you want to experience. Creating a life that is happy and harmonious, fulfilling and successful, and you enjoying your life journey.

Are you living your truth? Are you imagining who you want to be? Are you visualizing what you want to do? Are you experiencing what you want to experience? Are you living and creating the life you want to live? Live your truth!

Present Moment Awareness

I feel like I am in present moment awareness and growing, learning and expanding. Living in present moment awareness enjoying my journey and experiences.

I don’t feel like I’m in present moment awareness choosing the positive choice, what makes me feel good and what will move me closer to achieve my goals and visions.

How different are the two?

  • Being in present moment awareness and enjoying the journey and moments
  • Being in present moment awareness with awareness for my goals and visions being, doing, and experiencing life to achieve my dreams and desires

Am I choosing in the moment, choosing positive, choosing happy, choosing to reach my goals and visions? I am saying ‘no’ to some things to say ‘yes’ to my goals and visions, dreams and desires. I am aware of that and happy and grateful for that.

What am I expecting to feel? I need to choose to celebrate too! Maybe I’m comparing and judging too much? That feels like a correct idea. Awareness.

  • Awareness of the moment and enjoying the journey and experience
  • Awareness for positive thinking of goals and visions, dreams and desires

I think both present moment awareness’ are needed. Enjoy the journey and when I become aware of negative feelings – choose to think positively and take action on my goals and visions, dreams and desires.

Are you living in present moment awareness? Are you enjoying your life journey and moments? Are you choosing to move in the direction of your goals and visions, your dreams and desires?

Live Your Truth!

Personal Growth

I am very enthusiastic and energetic about my personal growth. It is something that I am passionate about and is one of my core values.

I am eager to do activities, workshops and learn. I am curious about myself, my wellbeing and growth and expansion.

I love reading and studying and always have more than one book that I am currently reading about personal growth. I listen to positive, motivational and inspirational audios.


I have routines in the morning and evening for me to focus on being positive, keeping my goals dreams and desires in front of me in the NOW moments. I am aware of my feelings and choose positive with gratitude, imagining and visualizing.

I want to learn, grow and expand every day!

6 years ago I was a different person. I didn’t have routines, I wasn’t reading personal growth books or listening to positive audios. I didn’t know my core values and what they mean to me. I didn’t know much of what I truly wanted. I didn’t have goals and visions for my dreams and desires, I barely had dreams and desires.

I read ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey and it changed my life! I clarified and defined my core values, I created and defined goals for all areas of my life.

I’ve reached a lot of those goals. My goals, dreams and desires have changed, grown and expanded.

vision board 2

I enjoy my life journey of growth and expansion. I enjoy being who I want to be, doing what I want to do and experiencing what I want to experience. I enjoy living my truth!

What are you doing to grow and expand? What are your dreams and desires?

Live Your Truth!


Health and Wellbeing

I was overweight. Obese. I struggled to get rid of weight, and I struggled to maintain weight. I tried different diets, different foods, and different workouts. My weight went up and down for many years.




I changed my attitude. I started changing my thoughts to positive thinking about what I want. I started visualizing how I wanted to look and feel.

As my attitude changed to more and more positive, my environment did too. A more positive environment created a more positive attitude. A more positive attitude created a more positive environment. And so it grew and expanded in that circular way, in many areas of my life all at the same time!

My goal weight was one hundred fifty something pounds, one-five-any number.

I visualized. I visualized myself being fit and toned kayaking wearing a bikini. That was my image of the vision for my weight (and still is).

I released the weight and kept releasing. Surpassing my goal of one-five-any number.  Surpassing my goal of wearing the same size clothes as I did in high school. I look and feel better than I did. I am healthier and more fit than I was in high school. I am getting younger, not older.



Now I am curious and wonder what more can I do for my body? How much better can I feel than even this? What more can I do?

I enjoy eating a mostly paleo diet. I enjoy the foods I eat. I enjoy feeling good in my body. I enjoy high energy! The foods I eat taste amazing and satisfy my nutritional body needs and emotional food pleasures. I am fulfilling myself with the foods I eat.

I enjoy yoga, strength training and cardio workouts. I love being outside – kayaking, running, hiking and earthing. I enjoy free flowing movements, my body free of tension and stress. I am fulfilling myself by connecting to nature and myself with my activities.

I have found that the better I feel the more I want to eat the good foods for my body and be more active.

I have desires that have expanded and grown to how I want to look and feel and the strength that I want to have. I want to become a black belt in tae kwon do. I want to enjoy many high adventure activities.

My health and fitness is about physical wellbeing as well as mental wellbeing, emotional wellbeing and spiritual wellbeing.

My health and wellbeing are a priority for me. When I made my health and wellbeing a priority, making the healthy choices for food and being active became easy, fun and good feeling!

What do you want for your health and wellbeing?

Live Your Truth!


What is on your mind?

Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? What do you want to experience? How do you want to live?


vision board 2Do you see it in your mind? Do you imagine living the life of your dreams? Can you visualize it?

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.” ~Bob Proctor

Knowing what you want and keeping the image of your vision in your mind brings your vision closer to you every day.

Time Gets Away

Time gets away from me. Does it get away from you? I get a to-do list that seems to be a mile long, I add more to the list than I cross off the list.

I get overwhelmed thinking about all I want to do, thinking about all I should do and thinking about all that I could do. I feel negative wanting, the lack of what I want to have and experience. I get overwhelmed and worried in the day, and doubting my goals and visions.

I think one step, two steps and ten steps ahead. I plan my day, trying to control every hour and minute from the time that I wake up in the morning and at night judge myself for all that I did not get done. I am not in the present moment.

Do you ever feel this way?

To get in the present moment and feeling positive wanting, belief and gratitude for your goals and visions:

  • Take a deep calming breath with your eyes closed. Center yourself, connect to yourself, or quiet your mind for a moment.
  • Prioritize what is most important to you in this day. Say ‘no’ to what you can to say ‘yes’ to what you want. Cross off activities that do not align with your values, goals and visions. Ask for help for the activities that you can.
  • Make yourself a priority so that you are in a state of wellbeing and can do all that you want to do. Take time for rest and rejuvenation. Take time for physical activity and mental/intellectual activities. Taking five minutes for yourself to quiet your mind or do something that you enjoy is rejuvenating. Taking time for physical activity releases stress. Taking time for yourself increases your positive energy and allows you to do what you want.
  • Celebrate and be grateful for all that you have done and accomplished.

Choose to be present in the moment. You can be aware of what you want to do in the day, being aware of what your next priority/activity is and be focused on your current activity with positive wanting, belief and gratitude. Be Present!

Live Your Truth!

Mom’s Rules

It seems like there are rules for everything. How to eat, how to workout, how to save money, how to spend money, how to work, how to sleep, how to live. Don’t do this, do that, do it this way.

My kids have ‘Mom’s Rules’, I always tell them – ‘choose to be happy’, ‘do your best’ and ‘have fun’. Life is meant to be lived, experienced and enjoyed! Below is a list of some ‘rules’ that I live my life by.

Erin’s Rules

  • Choose to be happy – You can choose to be happy and have a good day. It is your choice to react or respond in a way you want to be, do and live.
  • Do your best – Always do your best at whatever you are doing.
  • Be! Do! Live! – Be who you want to be, do what you want to do, and live how you want to live.
  • Enjoy the journey – Experience life fully! Happiness is enjoyed in life’s moments and experiences.
  • Love unconditionally – Love without judging.
  • Be curious – Explore, learn and imagine, let your imagination free.
  • Smile – A smile can brighten a day.
  • Have goals and visions – Goals are your life journey and give your life purpose.
  • Live in present moment awareness – Be present to what you are doing and who you are with.
  • Be positive – Having a positive attitude and positive thoughts create your positive results.
  • Take care of yourself – Put yourself first, emotionally mentally and physically.
  • Grow – Continually become better, being who you want to be and doing what you want to do.
  • Believe in yourself – You can be, do and have anything that you desire.
  • Play! Create! Live! – Play with life and create the life that you want to live.
  • Be active – Move your body.
  • Quiet your mind – Allow your mind to free itself of all thought.
  • Enjoy nature – Connect to Earth’s beauty and magnificence.
  • Be grateful – Feeling gratitude for your experiences attracts positive to you.
  • Have fun – Enjoy what you are doing. Laugh out loud. Be silly. Be free.
  • Live your truth! – Live by your values and goals.

Live Your Truth!


This last week I went to Hawaii with my daughters. We traveled by our jeep-plane-submarine. On our journey to Hawaii we experienced a couple of sharp turns, engine stalls and nose dives! We were falling out of our jeep-plane-submarine several times hanging on for our dear lives. We needed our binoculars to find Hawaii way down below, my daughter (who wasn’t driving) climbed out the top and to the front where the binoculars were packed in the bags. We arrived bumping along directly at our hotel. Our hotel was right on the beach; one floor of our room was all beds, another floor was for our surfboards (we are all expert surfers). We surfed with the dolphins and were surprised by a shark, but the dolphins were our friends and scared the shark away. At the luau we had fun on the swings, swinging as high as we could and leaning back to look at the world upside down. After a month in Hawaii we were jet skiing and jet skied all the way home. There was fun – there was adventure – there was doing something scary – and there was lots of smiles and laughter. It was an amazing time shared with my girls imagining and creating whatever we wanted!

What are you imagining? Do you visualize yourself being who you want to be? Doing what you want to do? Living how you want to live? What does it feel like when you accomplish your goals? What’s your next goal?


Imagine waking in your dream home excited and enthusiastic for a new day! Intending an amazing day being who you want to be, doing what you want to do, living how you want to live. Imagine your morning with time freedom? What would you be doing? Sharing a morning cup of coffee? Watching the sun wake nature around you? Giving your body an energizing workout? Meditating? Reading? Breakfast in bed? Personal growth activities? Imagine your daily activities are doing what makes you happy and fulfilling your purpose or what you are most passionate about. Imagine your evening filled with love and abundance. What would you be doing? Eating a delicious meal with family and/or friends? Going for a walk through the trees? Playing a game? Watching a movie? Relaxing in front of a crackling fire? Reading? Gazing at the stars? Enjoying a deep rich chat with someone you love dearly? Imagine closing your eyes at night with your heart and whole being filled with love, peace and gratitude for a day lived fully!

Imagine being who you want to BE, doing what you want to DO, and living how you want to LIVE!


Live your truth!