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Spirit Being Collage Cards

Do you know what a Spirit Being Collage Card is?

It’s a creative process of making your own set of cards, each card representing a part of your personality or soul. When you make Spirit Being Collage Cards, you intuitively answer life’s questions and open to awareness.

Intuitively you select images you are drawn to and that explore the patterns of power in your life. Joyfully deepen your awareness to your relationships with your personality and soul. Examine truth to life’s questions through the language of your soul.


Attend and enjoy a spirit being collage workshop. It’s a couple of hours for you to engage yourself in connecting to parts of your personality and soul.

We’ll explore the theme of connecting for about 15 minutes then create whatever cards you are drawn to. We’ll finish up sharing the cards we created.

Private Residence (address will be sent to registered participants)
Montgomery, MN
Feb 13th 2019 7:00-9:00pm


Life Dreams Fulfillment

Are you putting yourself first? Are you wanting more and more from your life experience to live in happiness and wellbeing with passion? Instead are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed with your life experiences and trying to please others?

Erin Marie Barry is curious about people and who they are as individuals. From her personal experiences sprang the desire and passion to learn about people and to guide and empower them to “Live Your Truth”. In a poignant and inspiring talk, she shares her personal journey to know herself and live her truth fulfilling her life dreams.imagine01TCU Montgomery Middle School Auditorium
Montgomery, MN
Saturday Feb 16th 2019 9:00am-10:00am
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